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Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Continuous Life

Our service includes distant healing, which has been demonstrated by repeated scientific experiments to be beneficial; guided meditation, which has been demonstrated repeatedly by science, a public séance, which has been explored by science since the first public séance with the Fox sisters in Hydesville, New York, just outside of Rochester, and a message.

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Rev. Phillip is pastor at First Spiritual Church of Prayer and Spiritualist Circle of Light and has authored books about self-improvement, improving one's experience of life through lifestyle and attraction, and Spiritualism. His training includes a Bachelor of Science from the University of Phoenix, Certificate Indiana University South Bend (Work Place Communication), Certificate in Building Self-Esteem, a Certificate from the Coach Training Alliance (Life Coach), Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Certified Medium, Certified Healing Medium. Successful people have mentors, guides, and coaches. Shouldn't you?

A Short Lesson in Psychometry

     We suggest that premonitions occur when information in the form of cohesive energy bursts forth from the quantum field. Many of the phases of Mediumship depend upon information moving through the quantum field, or the field of information. However, these announcements may be tied to a sort of trigger. Psychometry is believed to be one aspect of clairvoyance that is dependent on something capturing information and then releasing it to an inquirer. Newspapers hold information that is purposefully injected into them. When a person reads the headlines and articles, the information is released into the brain or Mind through comprehension.

     Psychometry is about cohesive energy in the form of information that is suspected to be imprinted upon an object.[1] Recently, scientists discovered there is a field of information around living and nonliving objects.[2] The field around articles such as rings, watches, worry stones, etc. may absorb different frequencies of energy. Energy frequencies are composed of emotions, thoughts, actions, and may include events, all of which are entangled in the various levels of consciousness. Our sensitivity to these frequencies is conditional to our level of development or state of reception.

     We are in the habit of saying people are gifted, or possess talent, which frequently goes to waste. Gifts that go undeveloped are worthless to yourself, and to others. Skills are beneficial to all. The only way to develop a skill is to practice it regularly, or at the very least at every opportunity.

Learning to meditate is not necessary, but it is helpful. The ability to quiet the Mind allows the energy to permeate the brain so its various filters may separate entangled impressions into something sensible. Ask a friend if you may hold a personal article, such as a ring, or keys. Money is too impersonal and is handled by too many people. Close your eyes, or leave them open if you prefer, and try to quiet your Mind. After developing some skill, attempt to separate your friend’s vibrational energy from others.

     What happens when Mind is quiet? You become receptive. Images begin to form in the same fashion as daydreams. Of course, we automatically dismiss daydreams, but daydreaming is a talent most of us do not hone. Not all receive images, but do not worry because there is more. Emotions may also be imprinted upon the resonant fields of objects. How do you feel? Do you feel sad, happy, angry, or indifferent? If you feel any of these or other emotions that are not your, then you are receiving information.

     There is more. What kind of thoughts are you receiving? Are they your thoughts? If not your own, then whose thoughts, are they? If you are asking these questions, then, my friend, you are receiving information connected to the mental field. Next comes the scary part. Tell your friend what you are impressed with. Describe as much detail as you can, what is seen, heard, smelled, and felt. Sharing the experience allows us to become more competent. Our awareness also expands or grows.

     Psychometry is often used as a parlor trick, but it can be so much more. Try it. If you are a reader, psychometry may be an effective way to start a reading, or to jump start one that has stalled. Do you like crystals? If so, they can be fun to practice with. One of the first applications of psychometry was experiencing the history of stones and fossils. Since then, it has become much more. How much more psychometry can be is up to you.



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Liboff, A. (2004). Toward an electromagnetic paradigm for biology and medicine in molecular biology the final word? Journal of Complementary Medicine, 10(1).


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[1] (Buchanan, 1885)

[2] (Liboff, 2004)

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First Spiritual Church of Prayer

If you are looking for a more personal experience, your Guide teaches at the First Spiritual Church of Prayer at 3511 Vine St., South Bend, IN. Our Sunday morning Spiritual class begins at 10. We discuss Spiritual ideas and lessons as well as demonstrate the power of healing and clairvoyance. If you are not able to join us in person, we also stream through Zoom. To join the meeting, use code 616-429-4779 and then 317137. We suggest you visit Zoom's video tutorials to get familiar with the platform. To aid you in understanding the controls go here.

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Our class includes a guided meditation and inspirational music. Please mute your microphone before beginning. 

Find a spiritual group streaming online that promotes a lifestyle that resonates with you.

United Spiritual Council of Nations with Rev. Mahala Bacon. They are offering streaming classes and church service. Rev. Bacon has been doing this for a number of years.

In the Chicago, Ill area, the Evangelical Spiritual Church hosts a streaming church service and classes throughout the week, and Independent Spiritualist Association certification classes for healing, spirit communication, and ministerial. 

In the South Bend, IN area, the First Spiritual Church of Prayer. hosts a healing, meditation, spirit communication, and lesson service Sunday morning at 10 am (MI). Rev. Phillip (your Brdnsky Guide) speaks on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. Rev. Thomas Janssen speaks on the first, and third Their is an interactive service.

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Spiritualism's activities can be found at the dawn of Human history. Discover how divination came about and uncover the oldest belief, the continuity of life. Discover for yourself.

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