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Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Continuous Life

Our service includes distant healing, which has been demonstrated by repeated scientific experiments to be beneficial; guided meditation, which has been demonstrated repeatedly by science, a public séance, which has been explored by science since the first public séance with the Fox sisters in Hydesville, New York, just outside of Rochester, and a message.

Spiritualism: Its Echoes, its Foundations

Newly revised and expanded.

Spiritualists boast of potential evidence of mediumship existing long before the foundations of religion having been formed. In certain caves and rock faces scattered about the globe are paintings and etchings depicting the life of primitive man. The oldest images can be found in the Chauvet caves in France. These images are thought to be over 30,000 years old and may be the first journals of soul communications.

Spiritualism is the demonstration of continued life through communication with the so-called dead. For science to have a role in Spiritualism we must view it as investigation and analysis. We are not trained scientists; therefore, we must accept that our results will be flawed in the eyes of the professional. If we cannot prove our experience to be a fraud, then we should accept the experience as being true.

When discussion religion, it is always best to begin with the individual and forget the masses. For Spiritualism to be a religion we must forget dogma and doctrine and embrace the internal experience and apply that into our life instead of the interpretations of others.

Enough information is provided through Souls and Spiritualists of old to develop, conduct, and experience Spiritualism firsthand.

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Looking for a live event or face-to-face classes? Join me at our sister church.
First Spiritual Church of Prayer

Events offered at 3511 Vine St. South Bend, IN and may be offered through Zoom (Rm. 616 429 4779: passcode: 317137) and may be recorded.

30 April 2023

Rev. Phillip: Mediumship Message service. We begin at 10 am

3511 Vine St. South Bend, IN; Zoom.

May 2023

Rev. Thomas mentoring. We begin at 10 am

3511 Vine St. South Bend, IN; Zoom.

14 May 2023

Class cancelled due to health

28 May 2023

Rev. Phillip mentoring. We begin at 10 am

3511 Vine St. South Bend, IN; Zoom

4 June 2023

Rev. Phillip mentoring. We begin at 10 am.

The building is closed for repairs. Class is through Zoom only.

Zoom. Rm. 616 429 4779; passcode: 317137

11 June 2023. No class today. 


Christ tells us, ‘Blessed is the lion which becomes man when consumed; and cursed is the man whom the lion consumes, and the lion becomes man.’[1] At first, this appears confusing. However, if we consider the representations associated with the lion, we may gain some insights.

The lion was often considered a representation of the sun, the mane being its rays[2] emanating forth. A reminder that we can only influence those within our circle. If we look elsewhere, we may find the lion may also represent the deity, along with the image of a man, an eagle, and a bull.[3] The sun itself is often referred to as the supreme deity in many of the pagan teachings, Mithra is only one example among many. Some scholars suspect Mithraism may have been the basis for Christianity.[4] The bishop’s miter is a carry over from the Mithraic ceremonies.[5]

If we were to substitute deity for lion, we would be told, ‘Blessed is the deity which becomes human when consumed, and cursed is the human whom the deity consumes, and the deity becomes human.’ While this may still appear confusing, we at least have something more comprehensible to work with.

The lion, in its association with the sun becomes imagination, perception, and thought, or intelligence.[6] The sun also travels through the sky during the day and the underworld at night, aptly representing renewal.[7] For a human to consume the lion, the human would have to actively engage in intellectual activities. In some of the early pagan teachings the belief was that the soul, through philosophy is purified.[8] Many of the initiatory rituals were based upon the idea of renewal through symbolic death or a ritual of purification. Thus, in a sense, the initiate consumes or brings the deity into themselves.

When the human is consumed by the deity, the implication is something else. Consumed is akin to an obsession. The person becomes continuously distracted or absorbed by a belief, an idea, and activity. When this occurs, they have become consumed. When a need or a belief dominates a person’s attention in this fashion, their philosophy, and their entire being may become subservient.[9] One might say the person’s actions have become possessed by their god, or their belief, for in this manner does the deity become human. Narcissism is to become so self-absorbed that all else becomes subservient. Narcissism and obsession may be distinct aspects of the same condition.

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© 2022 by Phillip Falcone

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The Spiritualist Counselor:  Correction, the Spiritualist Guide

One out of four people will experience some form of mental difficulty,[1] while one in four will experience some form of mental trouble. Of those experiencing mental difficulties, less will admit to needing any form of assistance due to the perceived stigma of mental healthcare, and even less will be aware of any mental problems. As one can see, the need for guidance is great. Those that do become aware of their potential mental or emotional stress, may choose to avoid seeing a professional mental healthcare person. Studies have shown that less than a month after the September 11, 2001, event, an estimated 60% of those responding to a survey indicated in 2009, they would rather seek help from a spiritual counselor compared to those who would see a therapist or their doctor.[2] Let us take a moment and consider this. Why would anyone purposefully choose to not see a professional? As a minister, you may be seen as the next best person to consult and trust. In addition, you do not charge a fee and there is no stigma attached to seeing you.[3] The church, being a representation of religion in general, has a history of involvement with the sick and the mentally ill,[4] meaning ministers and pastors have been aiding not only their parishioners, but any who come in need of counseling.

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The Philosophy of Spiritualism: Selected Writings from the Spiritualists Who Helped Frame Spiritualism

What is Spiritualism? Is it the demonstration of continuous life through communication with those who have moved from this plane to another? Is that all it is? Is it the process of converting people into operators who direct the call so corporeal and incorporeal citizens may speak to each other? If that is the case, then why bother? Phenomenal Mediumship offers little outside of being a demonstration, because we do not learn through the experiences of others.[1] Phenomenal Mediumship is what is demonstrated when a Medium stands before an audience and presents messages from those in the soul realm. Phenomenal Mediumship is not Spiritualism because Spiritualism is much more if you have the desire to learn. As humans, we have many natures, one of them is to investigate and remove all that causes discordance within.[2] That is what Andrew Jackson Davis instructs us to do, to investigate and remove doubt. When we remove doubt, we remove superstition.

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[1] (Tiffany, 1856)

[2] (Davis, 1847)


Your Spiritual Guide, Mentor, and Coach

Rev. Phillip is pastor at First Spiritual Church of Prayer and Spiritualist Circle of Light and has authored books about self-improvement, improving one's experience of life through lifestyle and attraction, and Spiritualism. His training includes a Bachelor of Science from the University of Phoenix, Certificate Indiana University South Bend (Work Place Communication), Certificate in Building Self-Esteem, a Certificate from the Coach Training Alliance (Life Coach), Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Certified Medium, Certified Healing Medium. Successful people have mentors, guides, and coaches. Shouldn't you?

To Be Disturbed

Jesus said, ‘Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.’

We offer dream interpretations, readings and messages from souls, distant healing through Zoom,and Spiritual Coaching to assist you in enhancing your experience of Life. Contact us.

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Some of our friends are offering streaming classes and church services

First Spiritual Church of Prayer

If you are looking for a more personal experience, your Guide teaches at the First Spiritual Church of Prayer at 3511 Vine St., South Bend, IN. Our Sunday morning Spiritual class begins at 10. We discuss Spiritual ideas and lessons as well as demonstrate the power of healing and clairvoyance. If you are not able to join us in person, we also stream through Zoom. To join the meeting, use code 616-429-4779 and then 317137. We suggest you visit Zoom's video tutorials to get familiar with the platform. To aid you in understanding the controls go here.

Before joining, please be sure all background noise is minimized. Turn off televisions, stereos, and anything else that produces noise. 

Our class includes a guided meditation and inspirational music. Please mute your microphone before beginning. 

Find a spiritual group streaming online that promotes a lifestyle that resonates with you.

United Spiritual Council of Nations with Rev. Mahala Bacon. They are offering streaming classes and church service. Rev. Bacon has been doing this for a number of years.

In the Chicago, Ill area, the Evangelical Spiritual Church hosts a streaming church service and classes throughout the week, and Independent Spiritualist Association certification classes for healing, spirit communication, and ministerial. 

In the South Bend, IN area, the First Spiritual Church of Prayer. hosts a healing, meditation, spirit communication, and lesson service Sunday morning at 10 am (MI). Rev. Phillip (your Brdnsky Guide) speaks on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. Rev. Thomas Janssen speaks on the first, and third Their is an interactive service.

Potential spirit activity, or evidence of an energy being? 

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Spiritualism: Its Echoes, Its Foundation

Newly revised and expanded.

For Spiritualism to be more than just the demonstrations of phenomena, it must rely upon the teachings from the souls that many contemplated upon. Spiritualism provided an avenue for the religiously dissatisfied person to discover their own salvation. The teachings received from those souls many sought to contact was always one of harmony, one of health, and one of equality.

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