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What it means to have a BRDNSKY Guide

What does it mean to have a BRDNSKY Guide?  You have the opportunity to develop any aspect of your life, because it will affect everything.  Together, you find a way to reach your goals.  After all, this is about you.  I am here for you.  I help you find insight.  I help you develop plans.  I help you succeed.  You do want to succeed, right?  After all, if you didn't, then you wouldn't be here.  I am only interested in working with people who want to succeed.  I want work alongside those who no longer desire to be where they are at and want to make changes in their life.  For us to do this together, we must discover what it is you really want to do.  Then, we discover what is really holding you back.  When you know exactly what you want, and what is keeping you from it, you discover how to overcome the challenge.

You may be wondering how does this work.  I listen to you.   You bring the agenda.  You bring the goal.  You decide upon the topic.  We have a conversation, like we are having now.  Only you are participating, and it is not just me.  You tell me what you would like to get out of our session.  You tell me what your goal is.  I listen as you tell me what is happening.  As I get insights, or hear things that may be holding you back, I bring them to your attention.  Through conversation, I watch for patterns and reveal them to you.  I also ask questions that challenge you.

For instance.  During a group coaching session, a client, like many, was out of work.  His agenda was to find a new employer.  I asked him what purpose would the job to serve?  Naturally, his first thought was to pay bills and buy food.  I responded; any job can do that.  Would you like it to support you in other ways?  Consider other things a job can help you do or do you just want to survive?  He considered what I was asking.

"You know," he began, "you're right.  I want to do more than just survive."  As we discussed the idea further, he determined what purpose the job would serve.  He talked about the training he had recently finished.  He was hoping the company that had sponsored it would hire him.  That didn't work out.  We discussed other positions, which utilized his training. 

As we began to wrap things up, I asked him, "How would you feel about not looking in the want ads?  How about going through the phone book instead.  Decide what companies you would like to work for.  Pay them a visit leave a resume, fill out an application, or even ask to speak to someone in Human Resources.  How would you feel about that?" 

He thought for a moment.  "You know, that is a whole lot better than just going through the want ads and not finding anything." 

I offered another suggestion.  "How would you feel about doing this?  You go through the phone book.  Pick enough to visit that will fulfill your unemployment requirements.  While you are doing that, what you feel about talking to your friends, and if they like working their shop.  Not necessarily ask if they are hiring, but what they do, and if they think it might be something you might like to do." 

He thought about it.  "You know, that's good idea." 

"Great," I responded enthusiastically.  He followed through with the plan, and within one to two weeks he was working.  He had found a job that served the purpose he wanted.  Which was to provide him with a means to do more than just survive.  Keep in mind that just surviving is going to work and coming home.  Nothing more.  Doing more than surviving is going to work, coming home, and doing something you want to do. 

In this instance, the client reached his goal in a few sessions.  I'm not saying you can achieve your goal with a few sessions.  What I am saying is that your success hinges on your actions.  What helps you succeed is acting on your plan and having some kind of support.  That is what I am.  I am your support.  I help  you think outside the box.  I don't do any of the work.  You do the work.  I help you.  I encourage you.  So you can achieve your goal.  That is what is important to me, your success. 


We can do this over the phone.  We can do this through e-mail.  We can do this through Skype.   There are numerous ways to accomplish this.  The most important thing is that you, and I feel comfortable with each other.  I want you to succeed as much as You want to succeed.   

If you are someone who likes to sit on the fence, or want others to tell you what to do, we are not going to work together.  I will only work with people who want to make changes in their life to succeed.  Those are the only people I will work with. 

If this seems like something you want to  check out, this is what I'll do.  I will offer you a free complimentary session.  You can test drive your BRDNSKY Guide.  If you find value in this, then there is a pretty good chance we can work together.  Meanwhile, check out the site and see if you can find something of value for yourself.  Become a member and receive Xolton's Gnostic Thread, a newsletter about improving your life experience.  When you are done, set up your complimentary session.



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A while ago, I received a call from a referral partner.   client was frantic.    know what she needed.   she was wanting a spiritual reading to find out what to do.  As we talked, she talked about not being able to find work.   she told me she didn't need to find a job. She could create a job!   didn't need the reading.  What she needed was locked inside.   some guidance, she found her answer was within.   didn't need psychic, needed a coach. 

 If you are not sure what is needed to get you moving, read the next article.  This was originally written for my final class in the BA program for psychology.  We don't always need a spiritual or psychic reading, nor do we need therapy for all problems.  What we need are solutions.

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Thinking is creating.  Problem solving is creative thinking.

Inspired by Abraham Maslow's Motovation and Personality