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The Secret Book of John: pt. 1

The Gnostic Secret Book of John is a creation myth. Originally, the writing was intended for other than the early Christians. Sometime before 185 A.D., presumably someone copying the text added information to reflect the beliefs of the time. Our approach is from the esoteric stance, attempting to look beneath the obvious using symbols and early definitions. The principle one being Spirit is a representation of breath, which in turn suggests life. This is the first in a series of talks that explore the Secret Book of John.

Some Simple Rules for Mediumship Development

Spiritualist Circle of Light presents some mediumship development guidelines. Spiritualism is a religion focusing on the demonstration of the continuity of life. Some claim this ability was active when they were born. Others, like myself, have take the time to develop this faculty. There are many books and guides on the topic. This doesn't necessary mean experience. What we share today is some of the experience of development. To the right. 

Role of Mediumship:

What role does mediumship play in the religious format? What is your responsibility as a recipient of these messages? Discover how messages from mediums can deepen your life experience and more. 


Connecting to Those in Life's Other Room

This is the message portion of a mediumship development class. Connecting with those in Life's Other Rooms. They may be loved ones who have transitioned, guides, or messages from ourselves.

Spiritualism Demonstration: Seances and Circles

This is a presentation from 2019 September's Independent Spiritualist Association meeting. The topic is about more about starting a Spiritualist Mediumship Circle. We explain the difference between a Seance and a Circle. We also discuss the use of the cellphone app EchoVox as a means of starting a Mediumship Circle. 

You can find more information about the Independent Spiritualist Association (ISA) at

Facets of Healing presentations.

Video 1: Facet of Healing is about a series of explorations into Complementary Alternative Medicine. 'What is CAM?' is the first chapter. This is a brief overview of CAM. What's it about? Why do people choose it?

Video 2: A brief overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We feel this has strongly influenced the development of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the United States. We compare their practice with contemporary medical practice in the U.S. This is not intended to denigrate medical doctors, their views, or their practices. We recommend CAM therapies be used alongside contemporary therapies.

Sidetracks about Dreaming

Brief discussions about what to pay attention to when interpreting dreams.

Our last video, to the right, talks about the symbols in dreams, what they can mean, and what to rely on.

Start Your Own Spiritualist Circle with these app...

The EchoVox™

The Ghost Radar™

While conducting an EchoVox demonstration at the First Spiritualist Church of Prayer (South Bend, IN), I inquired about the communication between us and those in other realms, including Life's Other Room. The response was, "It's now possible to speak with us. We hear echoes of your thoughts."

The EchoVox works best if you focus on questions instead of turning it on and waiting for something grand to occur.

Unsure about the Validity of Using Technology?

News about the development of a 'Soul Phone.' Remember ET? Well, according to this presentation scientific geniuses of yesterday are collaborating with each other and scientists like Gary Schwartz to develop technology. 

Check out the video. Fair warning, it is full of technobabble, but it is worth investigating.