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Tips for Re-Creating Yourself:

 Don't use the word problem.  Problems generally have one solution.  If you see challenges, you are not trapped in the mindset of one problem, one solution.

  • All challenges are not created equal.  So, don't try a one-size fits all approach.
  • Consider other people's ideas.  They may be able to offer some insight.
  • Don't force others to earn your respect.  Just give it to them. 
  • How you treat others is a reflection on how you treat yourself.
  • No matter what you do, act with sincerity.
  • Relationships such as marriage and divorce are not life changing events.  They are choices. If you want to fix the relationship, then evaluate your role and discover what need it fulfills.  Do your part, and try not to do the other person's.
  • A life-changing event leaves you with little recourse but to change.  If you chose not to change, you risk of emotional, mental, or even energetic distress.
  • Have you become disabled?  That is not the end of life, as you know it.  You can either treat your disability as your friend, or your enemy.  Which means, you can either work with it, or against it.  Either way, chances are it's not going away.
  • Anybody can do nothing.  So, ask yourself, are you just anybody?
  • The difference between balance and harmony is the flow of energy.  If you want to maintain a balance, you need to maintain equal portions of negative and positive energy flow.  If you want to live in harmony, then allow positive and negative energy to move through your life without impediment.  A flow of harmony is self-correcting and progressive.  A flow of balance is a separation of energy and stagnating.
  • Your passions can rescue you from a life of dullness. Explore them
  •  Mastermind groups are people of like minds, like goals, and support each other. Find one or start. This can be as easy as meeting with a few people and talk about your goals and what you want to do to achieve them
  • A good support system will encourage you towards success. A poor one will tell you, why bother.
  • Can't find any support?  If you don't have reliable friends or family, try your local religious institution or organization, check your local listings for groups, hire a therapist or a life-coach.
  • Fear should not be considered a negative emotion. Fear tells us something is wrong. The only way to allay fear is to discover what is fearful.
  • Attitude is important. Your attitude is your energy amplifier. Be mindful of what you are amplifying.
  • Only one person in the world knows exactly what is going on with you. That is not your spouse, not your friends, and not your family. It's you. Only you can change what is happening. Get help, get information, get whatever you need the best way you can get it.
  • Don't feel confident about what you're doing? You can fake it 'til you make it. Before you know it, you are the role model for others.
  • If you want to become a leader, you must not only empower others , you must empower yourself as well.
  • When challenges arise that fill you with fright, step into them and discover what you need to succeed.

Mitosan therapy - energy healing.

The electromagnetic radiation from the sun is critical to our survival. It is part of our environment. Energy from consumption amounts to only a third of what is required.

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Did you know...

What we create in life is a reflection of the power we wield.  If you have placed yourself under another’s authority, then what is created may not be healthy for you.


Inspired by Brenda Davies, The 7 Healing Chakras: Unlocking Your Body's Energy Centers

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