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The Benefits of Working with a BRDNSKY Guide

I could tell you a BRDNSKY Guide can help you visualize your future, and help you get there.  I could also tell you how your BRDNSKY Guide supports you in the way you want.  I can even tell you that your BRDNSKY Guide helps you to see what you don't, but I would prefer that others tell you how much they value having a BRDNSKY Guide.

My 13 year old had been somewhat depressed and frustrated, but was looking for a way to improve his life.  He just didn't see it as possible.  He heard about Life Coaching and asked me if he could have one.  I looked it up, and realized I already knew someone who did this, Phillip!

So I asked him in email if he could work with my son and he gave it careful consideration and tested out my son's determination to work with him, making sure it wasn't just a passing thing, and that he meant to work at this.

Not only was it incredibly good for my son to have a thoughtful, respectable male figure to talk things over with and explore new ideas, but Phillip also took extra time to read and learn about his learning disability and helped him form a very good plan on how to work around it.  The chart they developed together worked beautifully, and my son's grades improved as did his attitude.

Instead of talking about how things never seemed to get better, he was working on what he could in new ways he otherwise wouldn't have thought of, and feeling great about it.  In his own words: "I feel like I'm on the road to a better future."

Thank you, Phillip.  You're a fantastic Life Coach.


Teresa Lee


He was an immense help in helping me to clarify my own thoughts, desires and goals and helping me translate those thoughts and desires into productive action steps.  He helped me make the progress I wanted in moving toward my goals and helped me to remove blocks that were delaying me through insightful questioning and objective listening. 

Rev. Karen M.

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Phillip Falcone's Manifesting Coach abilities are, and continue to be; really helpful in getting me to focus on what it is I am trying to do.  Sometimes we get ?spread too thin? in trying to bring together so much information that it really helps to talk to someone with as much experience as Phillip has when it comes to assisting people in Manifesting our dreams.

-          Boyd N.

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Niles, Michigan

Phillip created an atmosphere of total acceptance and understanding as I went through an emotionally difficult work transition. He also gave me deeper insights into my own inner wisdom and spiritual guidance. I highly recommend Phillip as a coach and spiritual guide.


Holly, Florida


I wasn't sure what to expect with a coach.  I had issues, I felt 'stuck' within.  This class helped eleviate the blockages that I created within myself and move forward.  I highly recomment  Mr. Falcone.

Deane Gemmel, Michigan

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Why a Life-Coach is Useful

Enhancing your personality may be more rewarding than earning more money or changing careers.  When a person is can identify traits or habits no longer useful or problematic, and takes steps to modify their behavior, their life experiences are more satisfying.  Other improvements may include better relationships and overall better mental and physical health.

Lesley S. Martin, Lindsay G. Oades, and Peter Caputi. What is Personality Change Coaching?

BRDNSKY Guide...

"...participants phoned the coach and addressed any issues about which they wanted to focus.  It should be noted that participants determined the agenda of each coaching session and could focus directly on obesity-related issues or indirectly on family, career, or other issues.  This may seem unusual for an obesity-related intervention; however a basic premise of the coaching model that improvements in one aspect of an individual's life infuse other aspects." 

Co-Active Life Coaching as a Treatment for Adults wit Obesity, by Courtney Newnham-Kanas, Jennifer Irwin, and Don Morrow.


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Did You Know?

People seem to have a compulsion to attach meaning to events, even when none exist.  Meaningful events are revealed in the natural rhythm of life.

E. Polster & M. Polster.  Gestalt Therapy Integrated