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Questions to ask that will help you greet your challenges

First, you need to review the situation, or the challenge that you have encountered.

     How did the situation occur?  Why did I get the response that I got?

     What role did you play?  What were your actions and reactions?

     What could you have done differently?

     How can you repair the damage?  Why should you bother to repair the damage?

     Are you apologizing for the right reason?

     If more questions come up, write them down and give them an answer.

Those pesky Life-Changes. 

     If you have experienced one of those growing pains called life-changing events, then write down everything that has changed.

     Determine what you need to do differently to accomplish your goals.

     How do you want to identify yourself?  Do you want to be associated with what you cannot do, or by what you can do?

      Don?t want to sit around and collect your disability check?  Write down what you can do.

     Do you need training?

     What can I do that will not cause me harm?

     Do you have a support system?  If not, find one or create one.


You may need to do a self-assessment. 

These are what I did when I found myself disabled. You can read more about it in The Re-Creator: Being, available at Smashwords and Amazon. Need support? Contact me at brdnsky@gmail.com. Remember to put something in the subject line.

Chakra Energy and the Law of Attraction

The chakras are like any other energy system. The sacral chakra takes in raw energy from the subtle fields and moves it down to the root chakra, up to the spleen chakra, or off to the heart chakra. Any of these points can be the second step in refining that energy. No matter what direction it is shunted in, it must pass through the throat, brow, and possibly the bindu vasarga chakras before exiting the crown chakra.

This subtle energy is also a key ingredient for the creative process. Want to know why? Attend one of my workshops, and I’ll let you know. The tele seminar is on its way.

Watch for this to be offered as a webinar through livestream.

Find out what this has to do with the Law of Attraction and You!

BRDNSKY Guide...

Athletes have coaches. Why not everyone else?

The real difference between seeing a psychologist, a minster, a psychic, and a life coach is that “…the coach is someone whose job is to be on your side of the fence. They’re there for trying to help you achieve your maximum potential and help you figure out how to get there along the way."

                                                       NPR's Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan - Sept. 27, 2011

Did You Know?

Dr. Wilder Penfield, through stimulating certain areas of the brain, the subjects would hear an authoritative voice that sounded like that of a man. This was from the right hemisphere .


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