BRDNSKY and Spiritualist Circle of Light

Your guide to improved life satisfaction

Resting on a Bench

Guided meditation: Sit down and take a load off your feet. Close your eyes if you like. Breathe in the aroma. A friend from Life's Other Rooms would like to visit with you. 

Narration by Phillip J. Falcone. Music by Medan's The Healing (CC BY 4.0) Images and videos from Pixabay

Remember Love

A guided meditation: It is not the idea of love we should be concerned with. We should learn to rest in the sensation of Love. Love is more than just an intellectualized event. 

Words and Narration by Phillip J. Falcone.

Music: Morning After by Livio, Amato. Sugar Doesn't Replace You at All by Livio Amato. Gone by Livio Amato

Marina by Antonio Bizarro

Music is licensed under CC BY NC SA 4.0. Images/ video from Pixabay.