Spiritualist Circle of Light

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Resting on a Bench

Guided meditation: Sit down and take a load off your feet. Close your eyes if you like. Breathe in the aroma. A friend from Life's Other Rooms would like to visit with you. 

Narration by Phillip J. Falcone. Music by Medan's The Healing (CC BY 4.0) Images and videos from Pixabay

Remember Love

A guided meditation: It is not the idea of love we should be concerned with. We should learn to rest in the sensation of Love. Love is more than just an intellectualized event. 

Words and Narration by Phillip J. Falcone.

Music: Morning After by Livio, Amato. Sugar Doesn't Replace You at All by Livio Amato. Gone by Livio Amato https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Livio_Amato/20190415152516624.

Marina by Antonio Bizarro https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Antnio_Bizarro/The_Dark_Room

Music is licensed under CC BY NC SA 4.0. Images/ video from Pixabay.

The Healing

A guided meditation exploring the emotional buoys we leave behind.

Words and Narration by Phillip Falcone 

Music: The Healing by Sergey Cheremisinov

CC BY NC 2019

Music has been paired with video, images, and narration.

No Words

A guided journey set to allow you to experience. We encourage you to experience the sensation of being in whatever direction you wish to go. We encourage you to discover.

Words and Narration by Phillip Falcone

Music: Mountain Rain by the Lovely Moon

Music has been paired with video, images, and narration


Flow takes you through the experience of healing. Resting in love then focusing on the sensation of flow within. The life-force goes where Mind goes. Only you can direct where the healing power goes. When the distant healing is accomplished, we must restore ourselves before returning to the mundane.

Words and Narration by Phillip Falcone

Music: Cephied, by Stellardrone
           Ultra Deep Field by Stellardrone

CC BY 2013

Music paired with video, images, and narration.

Who We Are

A guided meditation that encourages you to observe and explore memories and the emotions associated with them. 

Words and narration by Phillip Falcone

Music: Softest Fabric by Pictures of the Floating World 

            Tova; Akasha; Joshua; Engel K.; Agnes; The Exit Door Leads                          In by Antonio Bizarro;  

CC BY NC SA 2019

Music is paired with videos, images and narration.