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Our mission is to help those who  have lost faith in themselves rediscover the joy of living

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Original people deserve original art.  I look at paintings and ask myself, 'if the lines were taken away, would I still recognize it?'  Yes, I would.  If I were to remove the color, would I still appreciate it?  Probably not.  Therefore, my focus is color. 

Experience has taught me perfection lies in imperfection.  All the beauty of nature lies in her imperfect symmetry.  Lines are blurred, edges soften, and colors speak.   Each medium has its unique effects.  I like to dabble in those capable of making their own statements through the subject matter. 

another series

Fire Escapes. 

Image was taken from an alley in Benton Harbor, Michigan. 

Pastel on watercolor paper treated with clear gesso. Item is framed. 11x17 $46.75

This is a painting of Niles, Michigan at 2 am on a foggy night in December.

 Oil on wood panel 18x24

A Reflection of Front Street.

Image is from Front Street, Columbus, Ohio.

Pastel on watercolor paper treated with clear gesso. 

17x22 $50

Behind the Shack.

This image is taken from Benton Harbor, Michigan. The rear of a Barbecue Shack.

Pastel on watercolor paper treated with gesso.

Apprx. 13x22 $46.50

Danse Macabre Series.

Inspired by a street musician  I met at the South Bend Lapeer Park art show.  She stands on a plateau in the Grand Canyon.  The Musical notes are part of a musical piece titled Danse Macabre.  Oil: 15x30 $112.50

Inspired by the photo of a street player in Germany.  The buildings can be found in Columbus, Ohio.  The musical notes are part of the same piece and are actually for a cello.  In this instance, the player is a bassist.  Oil: 15x30 $112.50

 Inspired by a street performer.  This one was a flutist in Germany.  The ruins are inspired from a photo an instructor took while in India.  Exactly where, I am not sure. Oil: 15x30 $112.50


Purchase multiple pieces at discount rates.  Contact me for quotes   


Wishful Thinking.

One of those post apocalyptic images. An idea that struck and demanded to be illustrated.

Pastel on watercolor paper treated with gesso. 18x22 $50

Sky 55

The photo was taken in 2010 while in Chicago, Illinois.

Watercolor: 11x17 $46.50

Street Lamp

The image for the painting was taken by a friend visiting the Netherlands in 2014.

Pastel: 18x24 $50

Last Year.

A friend gave me permission to use his photograph as a resource. The photo is black and white, as was typical for the time. The colors I drew upon from childhood memories.

Pastel: 18x24 $50

A view from the bluff in Saint Joseph, Michigan overlooking the Saint Joseph River. 

Selected for 2013 Dowagiac: Dogwood Fine Arts Festival

Oil on canvas: 16x20

Water Tunnel

Shape and color grabbed my attention.

Oil on board: 18x24 $50


The trees are those in the garden Eden.  Legend has it that the fruit Eve bit into was an apple.  The Tree of Knowledge, and the Tree of Life with the flow of conscious between.

Pastel on watercolor paper: 17x22 $37.40

Communing with the Divine.  

Periodically, we enter the Astral plane, to speak with energy beings. 

Pastel on watercolor paper: 18x24.  Not framed. $43.20

Momentary Pause

18x24 pastel on watercolor paper.

The painting was inspired by cinnamon rolls.   


Throne Room

When I saw this, it was so surreal that I had to paint it.

16x24 $65

Would you like to see your ideas, memories, or fantasies re-created as art work?  If so, contact me and together we can find a way.

Local to Southwestern Michigan?

This is a painting of Niles, Michigan at 2 am on a foggy night in December.  Oil on wood panel 18x24

If you are local to Niles, Michigan and the surrounding area items are on display at the Niles Lakeland Hospital hallway leading out of the ER waiting room. Also, you can save on shipping by picking up your artwork in person. 

See something you like?

Contact me at with an offer. Put Art in the subject. You can also contact me at 248.812.0334. Keep in mind that shipping costs will be added to the final price. All items shipped via UPS.

We can also talk about commissioned work.  The person who commissioned this piece is local to Southwestern Michigan.

Enrich your life

Many of the pieces you see here were done while facilitating art classes.  Students have claimed no talent and have received ribbons at the local fairs.


You can find me at the Greater Niles Senior Center on Thursday mornings 10:00 - 12:00.  On Fridays, I am at the Central County Senior Center in Berrien Springs 12:30 - 2:30. 


Have questions?  Find me on FaceBook and Linked in.

Dawn, the birth of creation.  Humanity is stepping out of the flow of conscious and embarking upon the path of life.  While the figures are male and female, the concept they represent are the unification of the opposing forces. 

Pastel on watercolor paper: 16x21


Oil on glass 18x24. 

Accepted into the Michiana Area Arts Competition (MAAC) at the Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, Michigan 


Bathers is a series of images I found intriguing

Oil on canvas: 30x36



18x24 pastel on watercolor paper.
The colors and texture of the items were intriguing. $108

Oil and Wine.

Pastel on watercolor paper: 11x17. $46.75

The color and shapes of the bottles were compelling. 

Nectar 2

A butterfly dining on the Beebalm in the garden.

Now on display at the Niles Lakeland Hospital

Pastel on watercolor paper: 17x23. $43.20 

Lamp - sold

18x24 pastel on watercolor paper.

Accepted into the 2016 Michiana Area Arts Competition at the Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph Michigan. I found the glow of the lamp upon the wallintriguing.