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Spiritualist Declaration of Principles: We Believe in Infinite Intelligence

During the process of developing the principles, there were many who argued against their formulation. The First Spiritualist Society of Galveston, Texas disagreed with any formulation of principles or creed. They declared that every soul forms its creed according to the level of its development.[1]

Sometime later, the National Spiritualists Association adopted set of Declarations of Principles that has been adopted by nearly all Spiritualist organizations. In many ways they have become the creed of Spiritualism. The following is what the Independent Spiritualist Association has adopted:

1 We believe in Infinite Intelligence.

2 We believe that the phenomena of nature, both physical and Spiritual,  
are the expression of Infinite Intelligence.

3 We affirm that a correct understanding of such expression and living  
in accordance therewith constitute true Religion.

4 We affirm that the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death.

5 We affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact, scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.

6 We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Gold Rule, “Whatsoever you would, that others should do unto you, do you likewise unto them.” 

7 We affirm the moral responsibility of the individual, and that he makes his own happiness or unhappiness, as he obeys or disobeys nature's physical and spiritual laws.

8 We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any soul here or hereafter.

9 We affirm that the precepts of prophesy contained in the Bible are scientifically proven through Mediumship

[1] (Proceeding of the Fourth Annual Convention of the National Spiritualists Association of the United States of America and Dominion of Canada, Held at Washington, D.C. October 20,23,22, 1896., 1896)

We believe in Infinite Intelligence

While we may be tempted to simply say it is another name for God, we would also be admitting to not understanding the meaning of Infinite Intelligence. The term God is not a name and if we refer to Exodus chapter six, we will discover the name of God. A voice came to Moses saying, ‘I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah, I was not known to them.’ This is the name of God, implying all the rest may be titles, beginning with Abraham’s El Shaddai, being God of the Mountain. Other references include The Ancient of Days, as recorded in the Kabbala, another reference is the Ineffable, meaning unspeakable, which is another reference in the Kabbala, and then there is Lord and Father. All titles or representations of the idea of God as experienced by many.

In what may be attributed as a Gnostic writing, ‘I began to think about the things that are, and my thoughts soared exceedingly high, and my bodily senses were held down by sleep like people weighed down by overeating and weariness. I thought I saw a being of vast and boundless magnitude coming toward me, who called me by name, and said, “What do you wish to hear and see, to learn and know?’[1] Here is a more precise description of the idea of God, being no name given and no title assigned.

Emanuel Swedenborg wrote this, ‘… the same spiritual man appeared… in a strong shining light, and said, ‘I am God the Lord, the Creator and Redeemer; I have chosen thee to explain to men the interior and spiritual sense of the sacred writings: I will dictate unto thee what thou oughtest to write.’ I was not at all frightened, and the light with which he was encompassed, although very bright and resplendent, occasioned no painful impression on my eyes. He was clothed in purple, and the vision lasted a full quarter of an hour.[2] Only titles were given and accepted.

Isaiah witnessed this in the sixth chapter of Isiah, he saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, his train filling the temple, meaning there were many who accompanied the Lord. The chamber was filled with a noise or vibration that shook the doors, and a voice cried out in woe. Smoke filled the room. The image upon the throne did not appear to identify itself, but was identified by Isaiah as Lord, being someone of authority.

These are just samplings of what those who are well known have provided us. The writings of Spiritualism are filled with comparable stories. When one has such an experience, they often become transformed and through the process, become filled with many questions regarding their doubt in past beliefs.

[1] (Hermes Trismegistus: Poimandres, 1984)

[2] (Hobart, 1862)

We Believe that the Phenomena of Nature, both Physical and Spiritual, are the Expression of Infinite Intelligence

We see nature every day. We plant seeds and watch them grow. Our scientists can explain the biological process a seed moves through as it grows, provides fruit, and then decays, but they cannot explain what gives it life. In some of the teachings received from souls, it was explained that the soul occupies a body, but it is spirit that allows the two to blend, suggesting spirit is an animating force, an expression of the intent of Infinite Mind or Intelligence. This is a belief until it is experienced and after that it becomes something else.

We affirm that the correct understanding of such expression and living in accordance therewith constitutes true religion.

When we experience the belief, we begin to understand there are underlying principles that exist, underlying Natural Principles. When we begin to understand them, and they can only be understood experientially, they are no longer a grand philosophy but become more. Religion takes away doubt because it has revealed the path towards harmony, and it is the harmony we experience that gives the religion of Spiritualism validity.[1] Religion is not a belief, the pursuit of religion is the belief. Religion is an affirmation, but it is not a general affirmation as many would assume. Religion affirms a belief, recognizing the experience of the belief. When this occurs, the world view becomes the experience of life and is no longer rhetoric. True religion is the experience of belief.

[1] (Bahm, 1964)

We affirm, that the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death.

When referring to the Old Testament, there is Saul speaking to Samuel through the woman of Endor, and in the Gospels, there are Moses and Elijah speaking with Jesus that lend credence. There are also numerous recordings of Mediums connecting with souls from other realms. In a writing by Judge Edmonds, the Lord Bacon, presumably Lord Francis Bacon communicated through Dr. George Dexter through automatic writing.[1] Dr. Hallock spoke before the New York Conference of a young lady visiting him for the purpose of being hypnotized so she may better examine an article in the New York Tribune from December of 1848. While in trance, she spoke of communications with souls spreading throughout the globe, and a man by the name of Swedenborg would have a hand in the movement.[2] Other demonstrations of these communications are provided at any of the Spiritualist churches.

[1] (Edmonds & Dexter, 1853)

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Some Simple Rules for Mediumship Development

Spiritualist Circle of Light presents some mediumship development guidelines. Spiritualism is a religion focusing on the demonstration of the continuity of life. Some claim this ability was active when they were born. Others, like myself, have take the time to develop this faculty. There are many books and guides on the topic. This doesn't necessary mean experience. What we share today is some of the experience of development.

Have questions? Contact us.

We affirm that the communication with the so-called dead is a fact, scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.

The purpose of science is to investigate and to prove false any phenomena that is not of a natural origin. Unfortunately, scientists in general give in to the temptation of dismissing anything that does not fit within their mindset. Sir William Crookes, a well-known scientist during the late nineteenth century explored the phenomena of Spiritualism with the intent to ‘drive the worthless residuum of Spiritualism into the realm of magic.’[1] Of course, there is no such thing as magic, and he was met with a conundrum. He, along with Sir Oliver Lodge, Fredric Myer, and others were met with what they considered irrefutable proof. Crookes discovered that intelligences often appeared in luminous form and frequently felt icy cold or warm to the touch, and sometimes nothing was felt.[2] Lodge discovered that there were protocols that needed to be met if one desired to speak with those in the soul realm.[3] Myer discovered that in fraudulent Mediums resides the ability to transmit messages to and from souls.[4]

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We believe the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule, “Whatsoever you would, that others should do unto you; do you likewise unto them.”

While the wording is different, the intention remains the same as given by Robert Owen Sr. to Emma Hardinge. This is not about putting yourself in another’s shoes, it is about you being the other person. To harm one is to harm all , including yourself. If we choose to be kind to others, we are being kind to ourselves. Once, I was of the opinion this was an attempt at encouraging others to treat me as I treated them. The assumption was incorrect. This is not about others, it is about us because when we treat others with kindness, we are also treating ourselves to kindness.

Remember Love

A guided meditation that reminds us that Love is more than just an intellectualized event. Words and Narration by Brdnsky Guide.

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We affirm the moral responsibility of the individual, and that he makes his own happiness or unhappiness as he obeys or disobeys Nature’s physical and spiritual laws.

You cannot undo an experience. If you cannot undo the experience, then you can only move forward. Morals tend to become instilled according to the prevalent culture.[1] Today’s prevalent culture is exploitation or dissemination, but before we can even consider this, we must first explore what we have discovered. The religious experience is an emotional one. After the emotions have washed over us and we become immersed in excitement, only then do we begin to logically consider what has happened to us and we begin to change. Often, the religious experience is so powerful that our lives become altered,[2] as though we had experienced an instant healing. Our entire outlook on life becomes altered, just as those who have experienced near death visions. Our focus is no longer on yesterday and not quite as focused on today, because today and tomorrow become fluid. We act in the present with an eye on tomorrow. Our motivation to act responsibly is because through our religious experience we discover that it is we who are responsible for ourselves, our actions, our thoughts, and our wellbeing. We realize it is not happiness we seek, but harmony and the only way for us to experience that is through a correct understanding of Nature’s Principles. We must ascend to true religion. We must experience true religion. Only then are we truly that which we seek.

[1] (Wong, 2009)

[2] (James, 1902)

Spiritualism: It's Echoes, It's Foundation

Witchcraft has always been associated with magic, as many claim it has existed alongside religion. Many anthropologists have, and still automatically consider magic to predate religion. There is extraordinarily little substantial evidence of rituals intended to promote magic. The conversion of the world’s population to the new religion was a priority. Therefore, anything that did not promote the new religion was considered heresy and witchcraft, including prophecy outside the confines of the new religion. Meaning, soul communication, or Mediumship, was said to be necromancy, which is speaking with the dead.

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We Affirm that the Doorway to Reformation is Never Closed Against any Soul, Here or Hereafter

After experiencing true religion, no other conclusion can exist. If souls can instruct us, then we can continue our evolution, our unfoldment, our refinement in their realm. We have discovered that not only do we continue to improve ourselves there, but we must also seek to grow and progress while in the body that we have been given.

We Affirm that the Precepts of Prophecy contained in the Bible are Scientifically proven through Mediumship

This is the last principle, and it does not harmonize with the rest of the Declarations of Principles. If we carefully review them, we will notice they are about progress, and a path of ascending into the harmony of being. There has been no implication of a Supreme Being, until now. To invoke the Bible is to invoke that which the original framers of these principles sought to avoid. During the opening discussions of a set of principles, a member stated ‘Spiritualists, as a whole, have been sensitive about using words believed to have been perverted.’ Another indicated the term God represents an angry God, a jealous God, and the God of theology.[1] What image might the Bible invoke? The precepts of prophesy, or general rules of Mediumship as listed in the Bible have been demonstrated under a variety of scientific protocols. Unfortunately, at first glance the principle suggests the Bible is the authority, which it should not be because it restricts progress. In today’s world, technology has also opened the door to potential communication with souls through computers, cellphones, and a host of other tools. We must be careful not to interpret this as leaving the Bible as the sole authority on the subject.

All information taken from Spiritualism: Its Echoes, its Foundations, by Phillip J. Falcone

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