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Dream Classes

Dreams and Emotions

A variety of ideas and theories of dreams are out there. What is their purpose? What do they tells us? Mostly, they tell us about our emotions.

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Dreams and the Nightmare

What makes a nightmare? Imagine being in a meat locker. The air you're breathing is beyond crisp. You can feel bristles forming in your throat as the air moves in and out. The frost is an eerie blue. Then you notice the meat hanging from hooks. It's not beef or pork. It is field dressed human bodies. Is this a nightmare?

What about this. You're in someone's living room when an angry woman storms into the house screaming at you. After listening and not able to respond, you go outside. The woman follows, only she is no longer screaming. She tells you her daughter really, really likes you. There's a tone in her voice that says what words do not. Have you touched my child? Is this a nightmare? Let's find out.

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Dreams and Cultures

We are part of what is called the Western Culture, and we are always trying to apply meanings to our dreams. After all, there must be some purpose to them. How do/ did some of the other cultures treat them?

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Dreams and the Landscape of Transformation

We begin to explore some of Nigel Hamilton's thoughts about dreams providing us a means of spiritual growth. He uses the alchemical process as a guide.

We also look as some symbols that often appear in dreams.