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Your guide to improved life satisfaction

Goals are important. Not having them leads to a listless and unfulfilling life.

  • When you say you'll try, you've already failed. 
  • The only thing worse than failure is not knowing what you want to do.
  • Goals help you set priorities. Priorities help you focus. Both move you in a direction. 
  • Flexibility is a necessary part of any plan. Any plan that isn't flexible is has already failed.
  • Writing your goals down so you will remember the.
  • Everything we do is with purpose. Know what the purpose is for your actions.
  • Discover what value is. Then, produce it and consume it. The only bad day is one that is valueless.
  • Keep your goals fresh. Pursue them regularly.
  • Discover purpose. Having purpose can motivate you towards fulfilling your goals.
  • The most important part of your goal is seeing it. Visualize it and anticipate its needs.
  • Goals don't fulfill themselves and they consume energy. Study it, talk to it, and listen to what is tells you.
  • What will it take for you to succeed?
  • Ask yourself is your goal is truly a goal. A goal provides some form of return. An infatuation provides nothing.  
  • Is your goal complex or simple. The more complex your goal is, the greater the need to break it done into manageable tasks. Little goals lead to successful large goals.
  • Obstacles are unmet challenges. Challenges dare you to succeed. Challenges require any number of solutions, not just one.


  • Just because you write down a goal does not make it a goal. Goals move us in a direction. Without direction we are just another nose floating in the ocean.
  • Evaluate and re-evaluate your goals regularly. Not only does this keep them fresh, but allows you to see any potential difficulties.
  • A good plan is one that is flexible.
  • Don't know what you want? Reflect upon your life. See the successes and the failures. Failures are opportunities for improvement. Successes provide guidance.
  • Success requires outside elements.Often these elements present themselves. They are opportunities to build relationships.
  • Attitude is important. The right attitude can nurture. The wrong attitude can destroy. An accepting attitude moves forward, makes changes, and builds upon what has been laid. A relentless attitude builds stress, interferes with movement, and destroys.
  • Perfection is not attending to details. Details add to perfection. In other words, a goal that has been fulfilled is perfect. A goal that must be perfect is misleading.
  • Critical thinking is not the same as being critical. Being critical is distracting. Critical thinking not only seeks out any flaws, but also plans for them.
  • Expectations can be misleading. Focus on achieving satisfaction, and your expectations will be met. If you are not satisfied, then evaluate your expectations.
  • Upon the achievement of any goal, always celebrate. You deserve it.


Dave Ellis' Creating Your Future, is a simplistic approach to goal setting.  The strategies he suggests are adequate.  However, success is determined by a person's desire and discipline.  Of course, if someone is new to the idea of moving out of managing life and into a more involved participation, this is a good read.   

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Do You Know.....

Truly successful people engage in actions that provide satisfaction to their lives.

Inspired by  Marshall Goldsmight's Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, how to Get It Back If You Lose It.