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I’m Phillip, your BRDNSKY (bird in sky) Guide. 

BRDNSKY Guide is about supporting you as you discover your authentic self.  When we are out of alignment with who we are, we can experience mental, emotional, and even physical pain.  I use my intuitive ability to help you discern where you are in relation to where you want to be. 


You and I work together, one on one.  You are the focus.  In whatever manner that works best for you, BRDNSKY Guide will help you discover your uniqueness, and what works best for you.  I want you to discover your potential.  I want you to reach your potential.


Ask Yourself These Questions:  


Do you often feel lost and your successes are just luck? 

Do you believe yourself to be imperfect?

Are you easily discouraged?

Would life be better if you felt confident?

 If you answered yes to any of these then together, we may be able to help you succeed.

Think about this.


Do you feel valued?

Are you moving forward?

Is there someone, a friend, a counselor, a family member that encourages you?

Do you want to achieve a better life?

If you answered no to any of these, a Brdnsky Guide may be useful.

What does a BRDNSKY Guide do?

Chances are, I was in your shoes, or a pair that looked just like yours.  I didn't realize that low self-esteem was keeping me from being great.  When I did, I didn't know how to make the necessary changes.  The problem was, I didn't know there were people who could help me become the person I wanted to be. 

How does one make lasting changes in his or her life?  How does one create something different, something exciting, and self-sustaining?  You start by becoming aware of what you want to become.  You create the change you want.  You look for opportunities to make the changes you want.  You get yourself a coach.  You get yourself a Brdnsky Guide to help You become the person You want to Be.

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BRDNSKY Guide...

The real difference between seeing a psychologist, a minster, a psychic, and a life coach is that “…the coach is someone whose job is to be on your side of the fence. They’re there for trying to help you achieve your maximum potential and help you figure out how to get there along the way."

                                                       NPR's Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan - Sept. 27, 2011

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I am a manifesting coach. I co-create with people who want to grow using their inner Wisdom to create opportunities.


Did You Know?

Those who are exposed repeatedly to discouraging events are unlikely to realize that their view of themselves and possibly life is skewed.


Marilyn Sorensen, Ph. D. Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem


People tend to be difficult because they believe no one is listening. So, start a conversation.

Chakra Energy and the Law of Attraction

The chakras are like any other energy system. The sacral chakra takes in raw energy from the subtle fields and moves it down to the root chakra, up to the spleen chakra, or off to the heart chakra. Any of these points can be the second step in refining that energy. No matter what direction it is shunted in, it must pass through the throat, brow, and possibly the bindu vasarga chakras before exiting the crown chakra.


Find out what this has to do with the Law of Attraction and You!