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Be positive. Think positive. I say poppycock. Stop thinking positive and start positioning yourself. Let’s face it. Thinking positive sounds good – even great, but what actually happens most of the time? We don’t know what is positive because the brain is too busy looking for something to compare it to. So, we often end up in messes we could have easily avoided if we used a little forethought. In order to do that, we have to change the way we think. This isn’t about self-help, positive thinking, or optimal thinking. This is about coaching; life coaching.

As I moved through the years, no one was there to guide me, to ask questions, to encourage me. Well, I am there for you, sharing my tricks, strategies, and common sense so you don’t have to continue flying by the seat of your pants.

The Re-Creator is about making changes. Being is about discovering what you want to change. Who are you and who do you want to become? We want to become the person we know – us – you. We want to be better at being who we are. I wanted to be a better person. I want to be the best ‘me’ I can be, and this is how I did it; and you can too. Be the Re-Creator of you. Build your self-esteem and your self-worth. Be who you are and act authentically.

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In this booklet, we explore some of the strategies I used in order to satisfy the need to contribute to society. When working with a disability, others tend to view you differently. In my case, they looked through me, preferring to deal with someone they felt more comfortable with. This can be aggravating for anyone, especially those experiencing disabilities.

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The most important thing people overlook is the need for support. Our society is based on individualism. In translation, we are on our own. In this last section, we explore the need for social support, whether it comes from friends, family, or purchased through services.

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Re-Creator: Being video presentation.

Creation by Design:

The Attraction.

Okay, you’ve read the law of attraction books and you are still having problems. The vision boards don’t seem to be working. You’ve been saying affirmations every day (well, almost every day) and still, nothing seems to be working. It’s not what we do that sets up an attracting vibration; it’s how we live our lives.

Don’t spend time focused on positive thinking or trying to live a balanced and pious life, because it doesn’t work. Negativity is part of the harmony of the universe. Negativity is part of the natural order, just as sadness, joy, anger, and love are part of the natural order of the lives we live. The trick is to insert ourselves into the natural order of the universe. Vision boards, living for God, and thinking that manifesting is creating are distractions.

Learn the real secret or at least a theory that is more than wishful thinking. The law of attraction is not about what we are doing today, tomorrow, or even yesterday. The law of attraction is all three. The law of attraction is about how we live life, our attitude towards others, and the value we see in ourselves. Do you live a life of gusto, paranoia, or on the edge? Find out what may be missing and what can be done about becoming an attractor.

My best advice for you is to never take anyone’s word and always ask questions. Are you asking the right questions? Find out what powers the law of attraction. Discover what science may be lurking beneath this fundamental law of nature. Above all else, discover why it’s not working for you.

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The Apprentice.

In the Attraction, we explored why we attract events and what we could do to change what was being attracted. In the Apprentice, we explore some of the science lurking behind the Law of Attraction. With insight comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes confidence. Here we learn, as does an Apprentice.

We know our energy attracts and that we attract by default. When we are attracting by default it is because of our focus. Our thoughts are not properly focused in a beneficial manner. I'm not talking about visions boards. I'm talking about solid purpose and direction. Rituals are a boon to us because they demonstrate their usefulness. Here, we talk about developing ritual by using the tools we are familiar with. We also discuss the potentials behind rituals.

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