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Who Am I?

Hello, I'm Phillip Falcone, your BRDNSKY Guide.  Like you, I didn't get here by myself.  Friends, organizations, and hired help have  played a part in cajoling the best out of me.  A strong desire to understand why people do the things they enticed me to embark upon a lifelong investigation into the nature life. 


Like many, my library is filled with self-help, psychology, sociology, theological, and metaphysical authors.  While the advice they provide is good, I still needed something to lend direction.  This was provided by the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science of Psychology, and various certifications from Indiana University of South Bend (IUSB), Universal Class, and Coach Training Alliance (CTA) .  All of these have helped me become a personal life-coach.  However, my biggest motivation and the glue that permeates all is working with a disability.


Being labeled disabled does not mean that I am dis-abled.  I have a life-long condition that directs me towards unique life experiences.  It is these experiences that provide a unique insight into life and how many perceive life to be.  Through these experiences and training, I am able to guide you towards your unique path, talents, and to shape these talents into life-long skills.  One philosophy I have come to realize is not to fight, battle, struggle, or deal with difficulty.  The best recourse is to become allies with whatever anything seeking to disrupt the flow of life.

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We are naturally Goal oriented, or purpose driven.  Without goals we have difficulty moving forward in life.  One might say that without goals, no matter how small they may be, we are lost.

Anthony M. Grant. An Integrated Model of Goal-Focused Coaching


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Did You Know?

When dealing with the internal self-critic, it is best to give it a name.  By doing this, the Self-critic becomes externalized.  This allows you to deny its existence.

Inspired by Matthew McKay & Patrick Fanning's Self Esteem