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Who is this Brdnsky Guide?

     I would like you to know a little bit about Phillip Falcone.

     Rev. Phillip Falcone has earned an associate degree in nonprofit management and a bachelor’s degree in the science of Psychology. Discovering the disjointed connection between science, mystical teachings, and religion, he began weaving the different teachings together. He developed the newsletter Bridging the Gap, which became Xolton’s Gnostic Thread, which moved online.

     Rev. Falcone also earned a life coach certification. He discovered people are in search of an elusive power. They search outside of themselves hoping to discover it. Through insight and a change in perspective they are able to make informed decisions and take control of their lives.

     Rev. Falcone is also an artist, facilitates art enrichment classes, and displays his work at different galleries and online. BRDNSKY (Bird in Sky) Arts & Crafts, LLC, was established for the purpose of displaying art and later for disseminating information to those seeking to become actualized, enlightened, or awaken. His professional endeavors continue to develop are expressed through BRDNSKY.

     Rev. Falcone has also served on several executive boards including the Independent Spiritualist Association (ISA). During his tenure, he reorganized the Convention Booklet, organized educational events, sought facilitators, and facilitated workshops on a variety of topics. He taught development classes out of his home and at the First Spiritualist Church of Prayer in South Bend, Indiana. Students have been very pleased with his methodology, depth knowledge, his patience in answering questions, and hands-on approach.

     His journey began over two decades ago when he was introduced to Spiritualism by his first spiritual teacher, Rev. Louis Miller. After becoming a member of the ISA, Phillip began earning certifications for spiritual healing, mediumship, Associate Minister, and finally ordained in 2005. Many churches have invited him to serve as guest speaker, message bearer, healing channel, and teacher. Phillip continues to be active in the continuing development of the ISA by serving as chair of the By-laws Committee.

     Recently Phillip has self-published books. The Re-creator is about the strategies used to realign himself after a life-changing event. This is not about his ordeal, but the strategies employed. Creation by Design is about the Law of Attraction and its hidden forces. Potential scientific explanations for this natural law are presented and how to employ them. Spiritualism: It’s Echoes, It’s Foundation follows a tendril of the roots of Spiritualism back to the days of cave paintings, the belief in the continuity of life, and divination. After laying a foundation, we explore the development of Spiritualism.

     Phillip has recently accepted the Spiritualist Circle of Light from its founding members. He hopes to continue it progressive approach to the teachings of Spiritualism. He will continue developing his passion and purpose, assisting those desiring to grow and take control of their lives in this new role. You now have some insight regarding Rev. Phillip Falcone.

BRDNSKY Guide...

When dealing with the internal self-critic, it is best to give it a name.  By doing this, the Self-critic becomes externalized.  This allows you to deny its existence.

Inspired by Matthew McKay & Patrick Fanning's Self Esteem


Those who are exposed repeatedly to discouraging events are unlikely to realize that their view of themselves and possibly life is skewed.

Marilyn Sorensen, Ph. D. Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem

People tend to be difficult because they believe no one is listening. So, start a conversation.