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Spiritualist Circle of Light is About

    Spiritualist Circle of Light provides content to encourage people to deepen their spiritual experience through articles, videos, classes, etc. Spirituality is a personal experience connecting you to the Divine.

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What You Can Learn from Us

     You can learn about the Principles of Nature, how they apply to us as individuals and as a collective. Harmony is not about you or I. Harmony is about relationships; the relationship you have others, with nature, with the Divine, and more importantly, with yourself.

     You can learn about Spiritualism, Mediumship, philosophy, and the role of religion as they pertain to Spirituality. We draw from a variety of sources that include so-called Pagan teachings, Mystery Schools, religious teachings, and more. We connect these teachings to scientific research that has been proven or based on scientific theories.

     Our goal is to demonstrate that harmony is the goal of Nature, and that a harmonious life leads to a more fulfilling experience. There is no separation in harmony. All are individually connected, retaining individuality and are interconnected.

Are WE a Good Fit?

If you are dissatisfied with contemporary religious teaching, social division, or unsure of where you belong in the scheme of life, we can help you understand yourself so you may understand your fellow beings. Its not about what you know or how you use it. Life is about what you feel and how to be emotionally engaged in an intelligent manner.

There is only one requirement to attain a fulfilling life. You must become a life-long learner.

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Your Guide


     Your guide is the Rev. Phillip Falcone, who has been involved with the Independent Spiritualist Association and its member charters for over 20 yrs. During that time he has taught classes in Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Energy Healing, and general classes about personal and spiritual development.

    Rev. Phillip has earned an Assc from Western University and a BAS from Phoenix University, and certificates from Indiana South Bend University in Work Place Communication, Coach Training Alliance for Life Coaching, Universal Class for Self-Esteem Building, Independent Spiritualist Association for Healing Medium, Mediumship, and ordination. He is also a self-published author.

     Rev. Phillip's has a deep interest in understanding people, the life experience, development of the spiritual within and how it enhances the experience of life. He also facilitates enrichment classes in watercolors and pastels. He serves the First Spiritual Church of Prayer and the Spiritualist Circle of Light.


BRDNSKY Guide...

When dealing with the internal self-critic, it is best to give it a name.  By doing this, the Self-critic becomes externalized.  This allows you to deny its existence.

Inspired by Matthew McKay & Patrick Fanning's Self Esteem


Those who are exposed repeatedly to discouraging events are unlikely to realize that their view of themselves and possibly life is skewed.

Marilyn Sorensen, Ph. D. Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem

People tend to be difficult because they believe no one is listening. So, start a conversation.

Support Groups

Psychosocial groups are also known as self-help or peer discussion groups provide people with the opportunity to meet with others having similar issues and allow them to share experiences, knowledge, fears, and emotions without judgements in a safe environment.

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Intensity of stimulation is a primary component an judging the event.  Instinct to avoid over arousal is a conditional response early in development.  In order to thrive, a harmonious level of stimulation should be targeted.

Aron, Elaine, N. Ph.D. (1996). The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You. New York: Broadway Books.