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Even Kids Benefit from a BRDNSKY Guide

BRDNSKY Guide works with 13 to 18-year-olds as well.  Everyone should have the opportunity to realize their dreams.  What is it that children dream of?   To be like their parents and those they look up to; to be successful.  Children know what they need for success.  Like many of us, finding it can be difficult.  If your child is serious about shaping the foundation of the rest of their life, we can help them.  Together, your child succeed by encouraging and challenging them to be the best they can be.  We help them discover the secret to success lies within.

Success for tomorrow lies in developing more than just good self-esteem.  It includes confidence, social connections, and a sense of belonging.  By challenging children to look within themselves, by listening to what they say, we can draw out the strategies that lie. At the same time, the learn where to begin when searching for the skills for success.  If they are willing to meet the challenge, we will be happy to work with them in preparing themselves for the next stage of life; adulthood.  Sign up right now for a complimentary session.

Want to try it out first?  I have children myself, and I would want to make sure the person I was hiring was not harmful or in conflict with what I and my son or daughter want to achieve.  Tell you what , why don't you and I schedule some time together?  Register for a  complimentary session.  If you find this to be of value, and I am sure you will, then you can schedule a complimentary session for your child.  That is two complimentary sessions.  One for yourself and one your child. 

Everyone has different needs and circumstances.  First, discover for yourself the benefits of having a life coach - of having someone in your corner.  Register now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



Phillip, thank you for once again helping me get clear today. You provide a safe space in which to talk through my anxieties about becoming an entrepreneur and talking publically about my spiritually-based coaching practice. Very often, I feel so accepted and safe talking with you that my thinking goes deeper than I intended or knew was there, yet that is exactly what I need find my truth and my direction. I feel confident to take some deep breaths and visualize myself being comfortable in these new situations, knowing that my business will evolve, as I learned from you, in harmonious order. The people who will most benefit from my services will find me, and the pattern of who they are and what they need will become clear.

I am blessed to have you as my coaching partner as I make this transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Holly G. -

Wisdom Path Coaching

Did You Know?

Perfection is the acceptance of imperfection.  For it is through imperfection that God is discovered.

Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul

Conflict Management

The key to managing conflict is not to hide from it.  The first step is to acknowledge its existence.  Then, talk about it.